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Fishcow Studio

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On December 15, 2013
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PC (Win, Mac)

Fleeting charm gives way to boredom too quickly.

Gomo is a game which leads with its best foot forward: a charming art style. Somewhere between Tim Burton and Don Hertzfeld with an offbeat sense of humour to match, Gomo is sure to leave you with a smile on your face while you play. As brief a time as that may be.

The game’s protagonist, assumedly the titled Gomo, awakes to find his dog has been stolen by an alien. As such he must go on a quest to find a crystal to exchange with the alien for his dog. This goal is achieved through the game’s simplistic puzzles.

Aliens suck

Aliens suck

As a 2D point and click adventure Gomo establishes its mechanics well and you’re never likely to be lost on what to do. This may be more to do with the fact that the game itself is just too simplistic. With only three inventory slots you may think limited items may stay with you for the entire game or at least between limited areas. This is not the case though and the vast majority of the limited puzzle room/vignettes can be solved by using the only item in the area on the only thing that looks interactive. Items are then discarded never to be seen again, save for one item which is used maybe three times in context sensitive situations.

At the very least the puzzles, limited and easy to solve as they are, don’t stray into the bizarre puzzle logic that some games fall into. At no point will you be trying to cross a banana with a hammer to build a make shift bridge across a river. Then again, at least those puzzles can be memorable which they sadly aren’t here. Often times the “puzzles” boil down to entering a room, grabbing an obviously placed key, opening a door with said key, flipping a switch and then moving on.

There are a limited number of other puzzles including a connect the pipe and sliding piece puzzle which are among the simplest examples of these puzzle styles you’re ever likely to see. While there are also three bonus unlockable mini games, these are again very simplistic and dull. One example is an alien whack a mole mini game.

Even Gomo finds his journey dull

Even Gomo finds his journey dull

What developers Fishcow Studio, have made here is a charming little experience that is just too small in terms of scope and length to be worth your time and money unless you’re utterly enamoured with the style and quiet humour the game does have.

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