This Christmas, make mine Wii U.

I’ve personally seen one contributor to Forbes explain why he decided to buy Nintendo’s latest console, while another had an article up at the exact same time deriding Nintendo.

I’ve decided to throw my voice into the mix, and explain why I’m proud to own a Wii U and why I think you would be too.

Press A to Listen – Episode 88

We wrap up 2013 with our Best Games of the Year! Listen to the three stooges argue about how some games were left off of the list and how some were higher than expected. We don’t come to blows … but almost.

REVIEW: Guild Wars 2

I’m going to be up-front here: I have a crush on this game. I liked the original Guild Wars, but this game? I like-like it. I like-like the heck out of it. From the character design to the mechanics, it all just seems to fit together so perfectly.


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