By: Futurilla - CC BY 2.0

Introducing: The “Press ‘A’ to Listen” podcast!

Featured image is by Futurilla and used under a CC BY 2.0 license.

Press A to Listen is a weekly Xbox-centric podcast brought to you by three guys, @RareBishop, @PantlessSteve, and @Sm1ttySm1t. Recently, Sm1tty reached out to ask for a better hosting solution, and Playonix reached a hand out. From news updates, game impressions, their feelings on the new Xbox One, this is a casual (if explicit) show with three friends talking about all things Xbox. And thanks to a gentlemen’s agreement, Playonix is cross-posting podcast updates on our front page.

Since last week’s Episode 85 was both the first episode to talk about the new Xbox One and the first episode we hosted, it seemed appropriate to start with it.

You can expect weekly posts here, at, and on iTunes!

Episode 85 – Finally. An Xbox One podcast:

Episode 86 – The Number 50:

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