REVIEW: Rise of the Triad (2013)

This was the rise of the FPS.

The competition for players’ attentions was fierce and the name of the game was speed. Speed, gore, and heavy metal.

We would stay up late into the night pushing one checkpoint further. One more key to grab. One more door to open.

REVIEW: Mercenary Kings

Mercenary Kings feels and sounds like it would be at home on the Neo-Geo.

You play as King or Empress, the two most skilled mercenaries on Earth. A criminal organization has wiped out your former team, the Mercenary Kings, and it’s your job to work your way through their ranks and avenge your fallen comrades.

REVIEW: Mark of the Ninja

After enjoying success on the Xbox 360 Mark of the Ninja has made its way to the PC. The first thing that Mark of the Ninja reminded me of was N, the flash game from way back in 2005. What Klei Entertainment did was add all the trimmings and focus on stealth and problem solving instead […]

REVIEW: Cities XL Platinum

I can recall the days when gamers would stay up late into the night planning out one more city grid. For years the go-to simulator was SimCity, but with the latest entry in EA’s formerly ubiquitous franchise sporting incredibly restrictive DRM, does Cities XL Platinum provide an adequate substitute? After some time with the game, I’m […]

REVIEW: Thomas Was Alone

Those of us who grew up with the Atari 2600 and its ilk remember a time when games had simple controls, music that was little more than a series of bleeps and bloops, and flat, cubic graphics. Thomas Was Alone brings me back to those days, filing in the hazy memories with a gorgeous soundtrack […]