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Press A to Listen – Episode 92

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Press A to Listen is a weekly Xbox-centric podcast brought to you by three guys, @RareBishop@PantlessSteve, and @Sm1ttySm1t. From news updates and game impressions, to their feelings on the new Xbox One – this is a casual (if explicit) show with three friends talking about all things Xbox. And thanks to a gentlemen’s agreement, Playonix is cross-posting podcast updates on our front page.

Episode 92 – I didn’t fight my office chair:

This week Pantless Steve has the flu, so we’ve upgraded. Pantless Dan Amrich, of One of Swords is, how you say, in the hizzy. We talk about dumpsters diving, video games, playing guitar, and I go all fanboy on Shadows of Mordor – video here:

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